Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Are Tablet Pals machine washable?
While the Pal products are machine washable, we recommend you hand wash them in warm soapy water to ensure the product is not damanged. Since the fabric is breathable, simply air dry after washing.
Can I draw on the fabric?
Yes, use permanent magic marker for long lasting designs.
Can a Tablet Pal be used in a vertical position?
Tablet Pals are designed to fit all sized tablets, though the current design intends for you to use a Pal in the horizontal format. The original Kindle and Kindle 6″ are not recommended to be paired with a Tablet Pal for this reason.
Can the fabric be screen printed?
Yes, Tablet Pal can do minimum runs of 1500 pieces with customized logos and artwork. Set up fee is $350.
What’s inside the Tablet Pal?
A non-harmful bead that is used to form the shape.
Can I custom order one in a different shape or design?
Yes, as with screen printing options, customized work opportunities are welcome. Just keep in mind there are minimum order requirements on any custom job.
What if I rip the fabric?
No worries! Neoprene requires a sharp thin needle to mend, as it actually punctures the fabric. Space thread apart and you can mend like a doll.
What is neoprene fabric anyway?
A water and stain resistant fabric that is plyable and stretchable. It’s just like “wetsuit” material or Spandex.
Can I order a custom color for my Tablet Pal?
Currently purple, teal and lime green are available on a special order basis. Other colors require a minimum run of 1500 pieces after customer approves fabric swatch.
What types of payment does Tablet Pal currently accept?
Ironically, Tablet Pal accepts PayPal via credit or standard payments.

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